Growing up in Eugene I have had the privilege to explore Spencer’s Butte many times over. I remember walking through the meadows, walking uphill on the switchbacks, and climbing up the rocks to the top. I always pictured the hike in sections, memorizing every climb, turn, resting point, and on clear days a view of the Sisters. It is very possible that this iconic Eugene hike sparked my interest in the outdoors all those years ago, without my knowing. Throughout the years the trail has changed slowly with downed trees, damaging ice storms, and giant stairs to eliminate that rock climb to the the summit. Every hike to the top it is still as beautiful as I remember all while discovering new views and enjoying mother nature.

During the pandemic, when most trailheads were closed, Spencer’s Butte remained open (with proper physical distancing and use of masks on the trail). Mark, my husband, and I began doing this hike more and more, whether it be in the rain, fog, or sunshine. As much as I loved this hike, it was becoming repetitive. One day, we decided to go up the west route for the first time. It was like an entirely new hike, full of wonder and difficulty. I was mesmerized by the scenery and views. The west trail was a steep .7 mile, 700 ft. elevation gain to the top. I kept saying, “This is the trail that keeps on giving!”. I couldn’t contain my excitement, I was completely awestruck by the many ways to get to the top. The views from the top felt like they were better too, and I had an entirely new appreciation for this local hike. This was a great hike #2, with 4-5 bonus hikes scattered from January-April.

Mark has been an amazing support throughout the past year. He participated in hike after hike with me, cheering me on, and being genuinely excited as I got one hike closer to my goal. He pushed me in all the right ways to get me to this blog, and I am forever grateful for his encouragement. To reach your goals takes a team, and I am blessed he is a part of mine.

To get there, travel south on Willamette Street and keep right at the fork in the road at 32nd, travel for another 2.7 miles, and the trailhead will be on your left. This hike is only about 10-15 minutes outside of town, and perfect for a quick adventure.

Thank you for following along while I share my stories!

7 responses to “SPENCER’S BUTTE”

  1. No lie, this is my go to hike, close, not extremely long or difficult, and I have a great hiking partner :):)

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  2. Great story! I have to agree that this hike is a gem! I love the hiking in the Eugene area. Can’t wait to read 18 more of these.

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    1. Thanks, Ken! It’s a local favorite.


  3. Great hike for sure! I remember taking you up there with your dog Ziggy. We even saw a rattlesnake on one trip!

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    1. I still remember where on the trail that happened, even with the new trail they created.


  4. Epic trail when Hannah Bananah is the guide! Can also be done in flipflops (but not recommended)

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    1. So many years ago! Miss you my Yoda!


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