Mark and I set out on a rainy Sunday morning to meet our friend Keely for a hike. In all honesty, we tried to do a different hike this day, and failed to make it to the trailhead. After driving back and forth on forest roads we finally found the correct forest road, but it ended up being too bumpy and steep for my SUV so we had to turn around (reversing uphill on a one way forest road was not fun and way too exciting for me). I will add, this was my second time trying to find this hike! Lesson for this trip, take Mark’s 4Runner, and the third time is the charm.

Silver Falls is one of the more popular waterfall areas in Oregon, and was a a great back up plan to our day. I like this area because you can make it as short or long as you’d like. We decided that we’d visit a couple of the falls and walk the trail for a bit before heading back to the car and finding a winery to relax at before heading home. It was very cold but once we started moving and saw the falls, I just wanted to get as close to the falls as I could. The sound of the water coming down is mesmerizing, and even if it’s just for a little bit, all my focus is on the water and nature around me, which is one of the many reasons the trails call me to them.

I always find myself looking for something to capture, whether it be the trees above or the groundcover next to the trail. I take pleasure in looking for anything unique, colorful, or strange. I do take many more photos than shown below, I find it so addicting. The outdoors have so much to offer and I look forward to adventuring new places and regions. I take it all as a gift, and I want to share all that with you.

From Eugene Silver Falls State Park is 84 miles. From Portland it is 58 miles.

Thank you for reading my blog, and getting a look into some real hiking ups and downs. The day didn’t start out the way we thought it would, but it definitely ended as all my hikes do. Memorable.



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