It was a Sunday morning, and the kids and I were itching for something to do. School had just announced they would be taking a two weeks off due to the pandemic, which turned into over a year. It still seems so unreal what we all went through in 2020, but I was determined to make the most of it, for our family. So, we hiked.

The drive up to Alsea & Green Peak Falls is not difficult, but it is slightly confusing if you’ve never been before. Once off the main road, you’ll travel on a paved and more narrow road to the trailhead. It is a beautiful drive up, as you are in the thick of the trees. The trailhead has plenty of parking and a restroom if needed.

You can take one of two paths to start your adventure. One leads you down to the first waterfall, and the one takes you across a bridge. I love bridges, and throughout my hikes you’ll notice I enjoy photographing them. We decided to take our dogs for this hike, knowing full well they’d get absolutely disgusting from the rain and mud. They enjoy hiking so much more than I do, and I love watching them running between the kids and I on the trail. (Yes, I let them be off leash on the trail when there aren’t many hikers out.)

I always enjoy when I’m able to spend time with Amanda and Andrew, and I appreciate when they come out with me and do what I like doing so much. It’s fun listening to them talk, and how well they’ve always gotten along just makes it that much sweeter. Not knowing how much time we’d be spending together in the coming months, this was a great way to kick it off.

From Eugene it is 32 miles, traveling through Junction City.

Thank you for reading my blog, stay tuned for more posts as I begin to discover more new trails to me.

4 responses to “ALSEA & GREEN PEAK FALLS”

  1. Well written Hannah!

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  2. So cool, I wish we had more of these kind of places.

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    1. We are truly spoiled here in Oregon.


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