It was announced that trails were going to be closed due to Coronavirus. I couldn’t believe it. When we woke up the day before this rule would be implemented, I had already planned our day hike at Tamolitch for Mark, Andrew, and myself. The trails were shutting down the next day and I was determined to be outside. I had no idea how long this would last, and it was really hard to fathom how this would help. I was angry, and knew I needed to be out on the trail to bring back my joy.

For anyone who has not been to Blue Pool, it is an incredibly busy trail. I prefer to only hike it very early in the morning, and if I can help it, on a weekday. I’ve come to enjoy the solitude as of late, and sometimes it isn’t pleasant when there are a lot of people out, especially if the trail is narrow. Don’t confuse my preferences with not wanting others to enjoy the outdoors though, I encourage you to get out and explore! You will find me hitting the trails early, to accommodate how I choose to enjoy hiking, and let’s be real, most people enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, so I have my advantages.

On this day, we were lucky enough to have the trails practically to ourselves, only passing a few groups out and back. Mark and Andrew were hiking ahead of me, and I enjoyed watching the hike side by side and chatting. I took my time, enjoying the moss and views along the way. There is one view of the river that is my favorite spot on the trail. It can be tricky to find sometimes because it isn’t visible from the actual trail. I sometimes pull of the trail too early, but always appreciate the challenge in finding it. Once I find it I always am shocked by how beautiful it is, as if I’m seeing it for the first time. The McKenzie River is my favorite river in Oregon. I have fond memories as a child hiking and camping in the Willamette National Forest, so naturally as an adult I’ve been called back to the area.

Blue Pool is a gem, and is a hike I enjoy taking our friends and family on who aren’t from Oregon. It has everything from the woods, bridges, river, and amazingly blue water. I thoroughly enjoy sharing this hike with the special people in my life.

From Eugene Tamolitch is 73 miles, through Blue River. Make sure you stop at Takoda’s on your way back to town.

Thank you for following my blog, more to come!

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