Two months had passed since the last hike we did with my goal of twenty hikes last year. Our local hike was open, so until we could get back on new trails we visited Spencer’s Butte often. As soon as we felt comfortable venturing out (there was no official announcement that the trails opened back up) we set out for more waterfalls. Spirit, Moon, and Pinard Falls sounded like a great place to visit. It was only an hour away, and was a perfect Sunday drive. I didn’t ever think I’d enjoy a Sunday drive, but as you age you start to take pleasure in the little things.

I wasn’t quite sure how the trail system worked for these hikes, whether they were in walking distance to each other or close enough to each other but still needed to drive to each trailhead. The forest road was wide, and the waterfalls were clearly marked. We reached the first waterfall, Moon Fall, parked, and set out on the path down to the waterfall. It was muddy and a little misty, but we live in Oregon so I welcome the weather we are known for. The first hike was a mile round trip and was so beautiful. It felt like we were at our own secret spot that we had all to ourselves. We were able to get really close and it was very safe. It is so enchanting to be able to get so close to the base of waterfalls.

The second waterfall was up the road about five minutes. Once we jumped over a log on the trail (one we encouraged Lexi to do on her own, and took great joy watching her jump so high) we walked alongside green and luscious foliage down to the waterfall. The sun started making it’s appearance and it was a very pleasant walk. We let Lexi off leash and let her run up and down the trail, which is her most favorite thing to do in life, I have decided. At the waterfall there was a picnic table and we enjoyed a couple snacks before heading back to the car for the third hike.

Our last hike was a bit longer of a drive, about ten to fifteen minutes away from the second waterfall. At this point the sun was shining and no sweatshirt was needed. The trail was still muddy but easily avoidable as the trail was pretty wide. It was relatively flat until the end where we started to descend to reach the last waterfall. We reached a skinny but tall waterfall that was encapsulated by rock. It was a unique sight to see.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon to get back out on the trails, and with my favorite hiking buddies. We were gone for a few hours, and there was enough time to end the day at a winery. We weren’t too far out from Eugene and met up with our friend at our favorite winery, Sarver. We’ve really created a great routine – hike, snacks, and wine!

The trailhead to the first waterfall, Spirit Falls is a little over an hour from Eugene, driving through Cottage Grove.

Thank you for continuing to follow along and reading my hiking stories!

2 responses to “SPIRIT, MOON, & PINARD FALLS”

  1. I want to go!!! Love your adventures. Love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m telling you, you need to come up for a visit soon!


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