By now you’ve probably figured out I am all about connection and memories. This lake hike holds a special place in my heart because my Dad loves it so much. When I was a kid we went on this hike often, and sometimes we’d backpack in and camp. I didn’t realize how much work this was at the time, but as an adult who wants to get into backpacking, I found out it is a lot of work and it is expensive. With that being said, I am super grateful for all the outdoor experiences I had growing up.

Out of Mark, Andrew, and I, Andrew was one one who had been to the Rosaries last, with my Dad and brother, Mike, on an overnight backpacking trip. Andrew was excited that he had been on this hike and was telling us stories on the way up about his time here with my family. He couldn’t wait to show us the giant rock he had climbed up, and hiked ahead of us to make sure he got there first. As we got closer, and things on the trail became more and more recognizable, the nostalgia started to kick in. I knew where we were at on the trail, and how much further until we reached the first lake. The excitement was building, and once we got there, my heart was content. We ate lunch on a log overlooking the second lake, and after we finished we walked over to the massive rock. Andrew was so excited to have the dogs go for a swim (neither like water), that he got in with them. That boy sure does love water.

It was such a relaxing and wonderful day, we didn’t want to leave. It may have been the longest time I’d spent at the “top” of a hike, even to this day. When it was time to head back down we took our time, enjoying the woods around us. We knew we’d back next summer, where we’d sit on the rocks and enjoy the views.

From Eugene, Rosary Lakes Trailhead is about an hour and a half away, on the left, right as you approach Odell Lake.

Thank you for reading and hopefully getting pumped about getting out exploring.

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