The weekend was here, one I had been looking forward to for months. Kat and I were heading out for our Walter Women’s Weekend. No kids, no husbands, no real responsibility, and as many hikes as we could handle. No Name Lake was my hiking dream for the year. It had the perfect amount of difficulty and challenge, reward, views, and distance. Not only was I given the opportunity to hike this gem, I was able to do it with my sister, Kat. We had such a great experience earlier in the year at Heather Lake, I knew this would be build our hiking experiences together.

We camped near Paulina Lake, and drove to the trailhead bright and early Saturday morning of that weekend. Kat makes the most delicious tortilla/banana/peanut butter roll ups the morning of her hikes, and has gotten me addicted to them. She made them that morning for us, and I can remember the combination of smells in the car of peanut butter and warm tortillas as we sat them on the dashboard in front of the heater vents. I love food just as much as I love hiking, clearly!

The road up to the trailhead was bumpy, yet exciting. I find that the more difficult roads can often lead to the most amazing hikes (it can limit the amount of people and can get you closer to more rare, off the highway trailheads). When we finally reached the trailhead we were happy to not be moving anymore. I think at one bump I was lifted out of my seat and hit my head on the inside of the roof. We got all geared up, packs and shoes on, dogs leashed, and started out on one of my favorite hikes even still.

We started out at 7,000 feet, and planned to climb to 8,200 feet. The hike was only 5 miles round trip, but the elevation and elevation gain did make it more difficult. I knew I could do it though. I am a firm believer in mind over matter. If I set my mind to it, I can do it. There was no time limit, and completion was good enough for me. We started out relatively flat, and after crossing a small stream, we met our first of many steep hills. Thankfully we had started early, so the hills weren’t too bad because it hadn’t heated up yet. We came across another stream, and as we turned to look downstream we were rewarded with the beautiful Mt. Bachelor. When we reached our final climb I remember being genuinely surprised we were there. We were greeted by the milky turquoise glacier lake. I couldn’t stop taking photos, it was so unique. Kat wanted to continue on the trail around the lake and up to a ridge. I am always up for exploring once I reach our destination. The climb up was very difficult for me. After a steady climb to the lake, climbing further up the mountain was daunting, but I knew I had to do it. Something was telling me it would all be worth it. Little did we know this was the real reward. We had sweeping views of Broken Top, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt. Hood. Kat and I shared this breathtaking experience together and it truly made it so much better to share it with someone who appreciates nature and all it has to offer.

On our hike back down, I just remember being high on adrenaline kick for completing my goal, experiencing spectacular views, and spending quality time with Kat. We were stoked to get back and enjoy the rest of our day as it was only the early afternoon. I was excited to bring her into Bend, hit a brewery, and head back to camp to relax for the rest of the day. We got a second burst of energy on our way back, so instead of going to our campsite, we ended up driving to Paulina Peak for another short walk around the top. We were living our best life, and I will never forget this trip. I hope to do at least one trip a year like this. I cherish every moment together, and hope for many more.

From Eugene, No Name Lake Trailhead is about three and a half hours away, with about an hour of the drive being about 3 miles of bumpy road that you need 4WD and high clearance.

Thank you for reading about my biggest achievement in 2020.

5 responses to “NO NAME LAKE – BROKEN TOP”

  1. Patricia Uiterwyk Avatar
    Patricia Uiterwyk

    Awesome blog! I love the pictures of this landscape!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Come visit and I will take you to places like this!!


  2. This is a hike that I must do! Wow, I love this review of the hike and your experience! You have become the hiking queen! Love ya! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was certainly one of my favorites, and I’ll be doing it every year now.


  3. Wow – That sky is just incredible. Thank you


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