In November of last year, we were invited down to Reno to spend some time with our friends. They were gracious enough to welcome Mark, Lexi, and I into their home. I am always grateful whenever I can bring Lexi along on our travels. I don’t prefer to leave her home because I end up missing her so much (and I feel guilty going on adventures without her). Ken and Diane are most hospitable and we certainly enjoy our time together.

Ken had a couple ideas on where to take us. As an ultra-planner like myself, it is very relaxing to not have to plan an outing. Just every once in awhile. There was a new trail along the Truckee River that Ken and Diane wanted to take us on. It was a beautifully sunny day and thirty degrees out. This type of weather is my favorite because I do get very warm while hiking. The cooler temperatures bring balance to the entire experience. I haven’t ever been on a cooler hike wishing it were warmer, but I have been on a warmer hike and wished it were cooler! The river was a unique blue up against the yellows of the hillsides. I could definitely tell we were in a desert. It was so different from what I was used to. This hike could be as long, or short as we wanted it to be. So after a couple miles along the river, we turned back around and started our trek back to the car. It was a very pleasant walk with friends and new surroundings.

Lake Tahoe is a mesmerizing place. Every time we visit Ken and Diane they make it a point to bring us to Lake Tahoe. They were telling us that there was a new trail in Incline Village that we had to walk along. We had to stay on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe because California wasn’t letting non-Californian residents into the state because of Coronavirus. Coming over the pass was beautiful, and seeing Lake Tahoe from a higher elevation and distance was truly amazing. We took our selfie, and then drove down to the trail.

This newly paved trail took us right up against the lake. It was absolutely breathtaking. The water was so blue. The mountains all around the lake provided such a surreal view that we could not stop staring. There was one point where Mark told me I had to stop taking photos, and I may have been left behind on the trail. I don’t mind falling behind because I enjoy going at my own pace, and taking photos of whatever I find interesting, without the expectation I need to hike fast. I didn’t want the morning to end, because that meant we had to drive back home. I was honored our friends wanted to help me complete my goal of twenty hikes in 2020, and having them be a part of not one hike, but three, is a true testament to their dedication to our friendship.

From Eugene, the drive to Reno was about 7 1/2 hours. To each hike from our friends house was about an hour. Thank you for reading about my out of state adventures.

6 responses to “LAKE TAHOE & TRUCKEE RIVER”

  1. There is Literally NO PLACE like Tahoe! And Tahoe with friends, Spectacular!!

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    1. Tahoe is such a magical place! You guys are the best tour guides!!


  2. Patricia Uiteryk Avatar
    Patricia Uiteryk

    Cool! Looks like a great time

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    1. It surely was fantastic. Thank you!


  3. Great pics, it brought me back to that memory. So much fun!

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