It was December, and the end of the year was near, with only two hikes to go to reach my goal. I knew I’d get there, so there was no stress in fitting in two hikes for the month. I knew I wanted my last hike to be on Christmas Day and I already had chose the hike so I just had to pick one weekend where I’d sneak in a hike. My friend Taylor wanted to go exploring, and I was excited not only because she is a great hiking friend, but because I started out this year hiking with Taylor, and finished the year with her as well. We headed out early, and I managed to persuade Amanda to come along with us.

Many times over I have stopped at Sahalie Falls driving to and from Sisters and Bend, but never have I actually hiked along the trail down to Koosah Falls. The McKenzie is truly a magical river. The clear and blue river up against the vibrant mossy green rocks is a sight to see. I was looking forward to seeing a part of the river I had never seen before. To our surprise, there was about an inch of snow on the trail. The snow covered trees were magical. I was in awe with the contrast of colors between the white snow, bluey river, and moss covered rocks mixed with a light dusting of snow. It was a slow hike since the trail was slippery from snow. Luckily it wasn’t too muddy from other hikers traveling so we just had to take our time while going downhill. It also made for pretty pictures as it all looked so fresh. We hiked past Sahalie since we knew we’d stop and admire coming back, and walked down to Koosah. It was quiet and mystical. Our conversations were meaningful, full of laughter, and a memory I am fortunate to have made with two incredible women.

It was cold. We got back to the car and enjoyed our snacks with the heater going full blast. Taylor brought salt and vinegar almonds, which are now one of our favorite snacks that we usually always have in the house. We watched several cars struggle to make it out of the parking lot due to slush and snow. I brought my chains, but I’d never used chains before so I was a little anxious. I whipped out my driver’s manual to see if my car had some feature like 4WD or AWD, and it did! I pushed a button, backed out of the parking stall, and zoomed right past the van we were watching for ten minutes. We had a lovely drive home, and the time went by way too fast. Until the next hike!

To get there from Eugene, driving the Blue River up towards Sisters on Hwy 126 takes about an hour and a half.

Thank you for following along in my journey.

4 responses to “SAHALIE & KOOSAH FALLS”

  1. and that is why we got big mud tires on the old 4R 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s take her out for a snow spin tomorrow 😉


  2. You didn’t know if your car had all-wheel drive? Ha ha! That is hilarious!

    This hike is my style. I love inclement weather, it makes everything bold and interesting. Such beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to take you on some awesome hikes in our neck of the woods.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is starting to intrigue me more and more. We really need to plan something soon.


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