Over the past year I did venture out and complete almost double what I set out to do. Once I started, I really got going. Some weekends I would do a hike each weekend day. It really became easy to find a hike and just go. I really made a hiking a priority, as it has become an essential piece to my overall happiness.

During a camping trip with Kat last year, we went on five hikes, two of which were waterfall hikes. Steelhead Falls and Tumalo Falls. Memorable in very different ways. At the Steelhead trailhead, I was applying sunscreen, which is essential for me. I put my shoes on, pack ready, Lexi leashed, and we were off. I decided to wear my Chacos since it was so warm, and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get in the water at all. It was an easy enough hike, down into a little canyon. The sandals were comfortable except small pebbles would get into my shoes. I dislike very much to have my hands and feet dirty in any way, so this would be the last time I wore sandals on anything other than a paved path. We took a little sit to admire the falls, and watched a man repeatedly jump off the edge into the water. It was entertaining. Once we were ready to head back up I looked down at my hand, and realized I wasn’t wearing my wedding ring! I quickly remembered I took it off to apply sunscreen and forgot it on my dashboard. I believe hiked the fastest I have ever hiked uphill just to get back to the car, full of anxiety. I was filled with relief when I found it right where I left it. It was safe and sound back on my finger. All was well.

The second waterfall we visited was Tumalo Falls. Quickly after our arrival we found out it was a very touristy place to visit. Knowing this now, if I ever go back, it will not be on a Sunday afternoon. The views were beautiful, and it was a pleasant walk up to the lookout, and alongside the stream. On our way back down, we wanted to find a route that took us to the base of the falls, but we were having trouble finding the trail. We asked a couple of people, and they weren’t really that helpful, so we decided to just head back to the car. We were on a flat path, with very few loose rocks, and I tripped. I fell down on one side, holding Lexi’s leash in one hand, and using my other to break my fall. Then I rolled, at least one full rotation down the path. I couldn’t help but laugh. We had been on much more technical hikes over the weekend, and I ended up falling basically in the parking lot, next to my car. I wasn’t badly hurt, and I was a little excited to use my first aid kit. This was a nice, short hike with a spectacular view.

Honorable mentions are the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, Hobbit Beach, and a rainy birthday hike up our local Spencer’s Butte.

It was very warm the day we hit the trail in the Badlands, I had to carry Lexi for about a mile. No shade is no joke!

Hobbit Beach is one of my favorite beaches on the Oregon coast. You have to hike about fifteen minutes down to the beach, where you are greeted by the Pacific Ocean.

From Eugene, Tumalo Falls and Oregon Badlands Wilderness are near Bend, and are between two and half to three hours’ drive.

From Eugene, Hobbit beach is about an hour and a half away.

Thank you for following along in my journey in nature.

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  1. Love your journey! Cant wait to see you soon.


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